Friday, January 9, 2009

Love!!! ...more than a Feeling

Unless you're a parent, reading my post you would probably think I'm crazy!
I've always known I would be a mother, and I always wanted to be one, but I never dreamed I would love it so much.

It’s hard to believe that Aiden is already two and a half months now. Oh.. I never knew babies are this innocent. I love his gummy, toothless smile he gives when I talk to him and the way he tries to respond with his cooing and gurgling. I love cradling him in my arms, playing with his little toes and fingers, making him smile and the way he holds me with his sweet tender fingers.
Life has definitely changed after He coming into our life.

I wish you could know how you make mamma happy in your own little ways.
Last week when his appa (dad) promised to take us out. I will never forget the kalla smile on his face with a ‘ammakku kittatte appede kyil ninnu nallathu’ look when I was late to get ready when appa came back from work. Everything I do everyday is about being a mother.

I love the way he shares the understanding mischief which is unbelievable. Yesterday, we wanted to go out walking and we were scared ammachi wont let us go, as its cold (though he was dressed for the season). I told him not to make any noise. I should say how surprised and overwhelmed I was when the he dint even make a gasp or noise, until we got out of that big house, closed the grill and the understanding smile he gave melted my heart. He's a cool dude and I wouldn’t be surprised if you fall in love when he stares at you with his pretty brown eyes.

Everyday he makes my day special and gives me moments to remember. I never knew until now how you make our life much richer and more meaningful than we could envision and for the overwhelming love and pride that you fill our hearts

Do you know this mother lives for you.. Just for you.
To see you growing, to answer your 1,000 questions about anything and everything, to see you live w/o fear, to see you being happy.