Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Hate Maths

Anyone that knows me well will know I hate maths .Maths has always been a head ache for me. When I was in my primary school, may be I was OK with it.. but I remember I was not really made for that. I remember standing in the circle drawn out of chalk which is made specially for me outside the class in maths hour, untill I studied the maths tables. She was a good teacher but I was a bad student. Tables never went into my head except the table of nine. I put extra effort in it and somehow I was managing the initial loathing I had for M_A_T_H_S, when I changed my school in 9th standard. I got a maths’ teacher who was sarcastic and critical of every small error who focussed only on the bright and smart students leaving me back again.. I hated maths and my maths teacher. The other day I got a forwarding from a friend of mine.. and it reminded me of my school days.. it was not much different for me. Thought of sharing it with you.
I was laughing my heart out when I saw these…

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Breaking News" - Average Indian Mind

I was thinking about the recent "Breaking News" which I could see in the news paper.. Which I could hear people talking, which I could feel they are mesmerized in, the big events that are happening in our India, events we are interested in…

“The kissing of Hollywood actor Richard Gere and Bollywood actress Shilpa ShettY!!”
“The recent splash of the Abhiash-Aishwarya wedding!!”
“Indian edition of wardrobe malfunction—a tale of slipping tops and busted zippers!!”
“Mandira Bedi saree with the tricolor Indian flag featuring below her waist!!”
“Indian cricket team... whatever they do!!”

There are many more things happening in the country. Instead of shedding some light on ways to control poverty, population, illiteracy and unemployment, why is media involved in such useless things? Watching those news, I felt no one is benefited at any level but we are getting our time wasted.....
A lot has been said about the kiss between Hollywood actor Richard Gere and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Newspapers and TV news channels were flooded with pictures and clippings of that incident. We justified telling that a foreigner insulted an Indian actress in a public function, when Shilpa, the victim doesn’t have any complaint. She wanted the media to stop high lighting the issue. . It got publicity for not what it intended to get. We forgot the event was to promote safe sex and arise AIDS awareness, which got least interest. And Gere, who has taken up the job of educating and spreading AIDS awareness, an issue which should be taken up by the media ad social activists who should be doing that, instead of focusing on peck on the cheeks. I wish people talked about the purpose of the event and not in kissing which I feel is a sheer stupidity
It’s really disgusting to see some newspapers mentioning Abhihek-Aishwarya wedding in the front page and important news in the inside pages. (I said some papers, coz some Newpapers were good enough to give importance to whatever required, and not this wedding though it was mentioned with needed importance e.g. THE HINDU). Some awakening needs to be done not only among the media persons, but also among us.. Indians.. to find interest in the right topic. The over importance we give for the film actors, politicians, cricketers may be because of media hype and fan frenzy.
Think about the Cricketers and the shame they have brought to our Country. Though we were always ordinary performers in cricket, the fans following them are endless. TV channels shamelessly talk about them. I don’t think any Pujas were performed for their success of Australian team and yet they have done so well. Its not that India has to win, but its that whether we win or not, the importance we give for cricket is too much and it shows that our maturity level has come to the bottom level, which is quite scary.
Think about the Mandira Bedi incident. Why we feel insulted when Mandira is wearing a saree that has flags of all the countries? Why we are bothered about the single tricolor flag on her saree and not on the thousands of plastic tri-colour Indian flags that lie next to dustbins after Republic Day and Independence Day every year?

We have time when we wait for hours to have a glimpse of our idols, the film stars. But we don’t have time to think about the things that can improve our nation, our life, our fellow beings life..
I wish if we had put effort to eradicate poverty, control population, illiteracy and unemployment. I wish Government had put more stress on education, infrastructure, healthcare facilities and cross-border terrorism. I wish we could do something to provide water and electricity to all. I wish the media who focus mainly on celebrities and bollywood put more effort to educate people on importance of facilitating a pollution-free environment, suppressing all communal forces, its burgeoning population. I wish we could think of controlling the brain drain and creating a talent rewarded work culture.