Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Hate Maths

Anyone that knows me well will know I hate maths .Maths has always been a head ache for me. When I was in my primary school, may be I was OK with it.. but I remember I was not really made for that. I remember standing in the circle drawn out of chalk which is made specially for me outside the class in maths hour, untill I studied the maths tables. She was a good teacher but I was a bad student. Tables never went into my head except the table of nine. I put extra effort in it and somehow I was managing the initial loathing I had for M_A_T_H_S, when I changed my school in 9th standard. I got a maths’ teacher who was sarcastic and critical of every small error who focussed only on the bright and smart students leaving me back again.. I hated maths and my maths teacher. The other day I got a forwarding from a friend of mine.. and it reminded me of my school days.. it was not much different for me. Thought of sharing it with you.
I was laughing my heart out when I saw these…


preethy said...

i think i agree with u. i can honestly say that math and i dont mix. but it is necessary in life. like my mum says, u just cant escape math. its an integral part of life....

Truman said...

I have seen this before and its pretty interesting. There was one more incident which I had read about and it goes like this:

In an examination (They say it was IAS, but I doubt it), a question was asked: "Write 1000 words about Courage". One guy wrote three words in the answer sheet, which said: "This is courage".

Just thought of sharing it with you!

Ken said...


First of all thanks for finally commening on my post. :)

I was not sure if you will come and read the response so here it is for you.


I am glad you have been reading and you made me happier by commenting. One of the idea of creating blog was to connect to people from differen walks of life.

Being IT consultant, my group friends are restricted to IT. Thanks to Interenet, Blogs and Orkut, I am able to connect people who do not belong to IT. To acheive this it is important that people read, and comment. I never fail to comment when I read anything interesting.

If nothing I will end up praising the post. It helps other people know our presense. :) :) And it brings them to our blog. As I will do it today. :D

Thanks for reading and commenting. :) :)

About maths, I never hated it, I never loved it, but I always liked it. I mean to say I was never great and genious with maths, but I always did will in exams, and I always like math as subject.

The subject goes really well with me, as I am very logical, and Shakespear's emotions were not meant for me, as it did not had much of application of logic. :)

I hope I will get time to regularly visit this space. Btw, I am immpressed by the honesty in this post.

One question, how did you came across my blog? It will help me to market it better. :P ;)


Beena said...

Preeths: u r a sweet Lier!!
U do well in maths. I remember our “Combined studies” in maths, and u were the one who taught me those integration, Differentiation.. (I used to go nuts). And that Maths from Engineering college (don’t remember his name) used to get angry at me, not u. that means u are not Dangerously poor in Maths.
ur MOM is right.

Truman: that’s funny. I think I heard that somewhere… and was almost forgotten.

Ken: Came across ur blog by mere coincidence,, when I was killing time browsing thru the different blogs. And urs was worth wasting some time..
So how will u market ‘Cincidence effect”? :-)


Ken said...


Most of the people have come across my blog while browsing and killing time. So let it be conincidence.

On last two post, I got good response.. People have almost return new post on it. :) :)

Ken said...


i m sure this will interest you.


surya said...

jeevithathinte spanthanam kanakkilanu adangiyirikkunnathu.
without maths how can you live in this world.

Anonymous said...

kanakkariyillelum kanakku parayan midukki aanallo

Anonymous said...

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