Tuesday, March 27, 2007


1. Trek to your hearts content while the clouds slowly descend upon you. The mist clad hills of Munnar*. (This is one of the favorite in my photo collections).
2. I was lucky enough to witness the rare sight of neelakurinji (Strobilanthus) (in 2006 Sept), flower which bathes the hills in blue every twelve years and Nilgri tar (Varayadu, meaning rock goat), the rare mountain goat that is fast becoming extinct.

*Munnar is a hill station in kerala, a state in India

Monday, March 26, 2007

Prince's gift!!

The best gift we got for our marriage!!
This is Prinsu.. my nephew. he is the sweetest, cutest and most mischevious little toddler I have in my family. He made a presentation kinda' thing in his book, collected all the pictures he could get, pasted his collections of cars and political leaders. Made it more attractive with his drawings. he could not give it for my marriage coz his parents thought it too silly, and gave me another gift. It was after half an year that I got his gift which he kept safely to give it to me when I go to his house.
Thank you Princu. U gave me the best Gift and its really beautiful.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Safety Precautions

Today I attended a 2 hour seminar on safety precautions. It was meant for the scientists in biology department. It was useful (in one way) and funny (in other way), that I wanted to laugh my heart out during the presentation. but you re not supposed to.. (Or you have to deal with unattended KRA's, low Appraisal, increased HR scrutiny, office rumors, potential career damage.. my God!! Better I won't laugh). You might think why it's funny. From the beginning of the presentation, there was a gap b/w what the presenter said relevant to what we did. He was half way through the power point, when an Hr representative conveyed him that the existing team is biologists and the supposed chemists are attending the seminar in the after noon session. He was using the wrong presentation PowerPoint. (I agree he got good patience).. he started with the new presentation. Lack of proper planning or communication gap!!
It started from the first Aid kit contents (listen admin!!) , the emergency exit ( how to use it efficiently, where to be places, how to be labeled?), spacious and well planned work areas (if not how to re-arrange it), how to control electrical shocks, assuring earthing in the facility design etc etc.. Why the hell do they say that to Us. Management or the admin people, who can assure these things, are not there. It's a NO-SEnioR seminar.
Of course. He had some useful points for the scientists as well. (like bios-safety cabinets, what to be done in case of spillage or burn). It's going to be useful, not for those who attended it, but for those who understood it. My office management is so funny at times!! Damn funny!! God!! I want to be my own Boss.
He told one more story of an accident somewhere because of something (Bad memory) Out of 300 people, around 244 assembled in safety assemble area, following the safety precautions. Other 66 people didn't wait to follow the safety rules, they jumped out of the windows and they were the one who are still alive, though with broken legs and jaws. The other born followers--266 died. What's the moral of the story? Is it that you should not follow the safety rules (then what's the use of this presentation) or that I should protect myself? I take it as the second point.
I felt the seminar complete when I filled, in the training feed back form
Q: Two things I liked overall. Ans: Tea and Biscuit served during the presentation.

Some Corporate Lessons..

I got this from a friend of mine. With my experience I found some of them to be true..very true.. I am sharing those few with you.

"We will do it" means "You will do it” (this is very true)
"You have done a great job" means "More work to be given to you"

"There was a slight miscommunication" means "We had actually lied"
"Lets call a meeting and discuss" means "I have no time now, will talk later"
"We are on the right track but there needs to be a slight extension of the deadline" means "The project is screwed up, we cannot deliver on time."
"We had slight differences of opinion "means "We had actually fought
"We are a team," means, "I am not the only one to be blamed"

"That's actually a good question" means "I do not know anything about it"
“All the Best" means "You are in trouble"

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Who am I?I am somebody who believes, nobody is bad, nobody is good. Only circumstances make them good or bad.
I am somebody who values relationship more than anything. I consider myself as the luckiest, because I got the best family, best cousins and the very best friends of the world and a very understanding husband. I have somebody to love; I am somebody who is being loved for what I am.
I can speak Malayalam, English, Tamil, Kannada.. bit of Hindi, Syrian.. and I am learning telugu now a days.. as I got few friends fro andhra. But I THINK in Malayalam.. just malayalam..my Mother tongue.. ( I prefer to say Father tongue Coz I am attched to my dad more )
I am simple, sophisticated yet sometimes confused and frustrated lady and I am here trying to leave imprints in my small world.I love the pleasures of life like walking in my village road, I love kids, I love the blue sky, the green lawns, I love sitting near the small pond in my house, I love Rain. Overall I am somebody who is in Love...
But then WHO AM I? I am leaving that for you to find out

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am touched!!

Well, here I am, spouting off again with my yesterdays visit to Vattamalai, a village near Salem yesterday. I had an official visit there. Though I am not from Tamilnadu, with time I had developed and emotional attachment with Tamilnadu. May be it is because I had spent a good share of my time (4 years) in Tamilnadu, where I got to know Tamilans better. Or I should say, I knew a tamilan boy named Tankaraj before, even before my teenage. He was staying in our house, used to help in house hold chores. He was a young (around 20’s) and active boy. I never heard him complaining about anything. The best memory about him is he used to get us (kids) “parippu vada” when ammachi sent him to buy things from shop. He was more like a family member. Some impressions last for a life time. Its sad that he is no more there... leaving us with some good memories which will never fade.
The traveling from Bangalore to Salem was ok or it has become more like a habit. I will always sit in the 1st or 2nd row. The best thing about sitting in that seat is, I can exchange the seat with conductor whenever some dirty lust minded man creates trouble for me... and it’s not uncommon. I should say I am tired of complaining this to driver “sir” or Conductor “sir”. ( if you don’t call him sir, then its not going to workout. I see this trend only in Tamilnadu). Anyway this time I dint have any trouble. And one worst thing about sitting at the front is, by the time you reach your destination you will be almost deaf and your eye power might have increased by 0.25 (if you can manage to see the TV through out the journey). The two small TVs in their maximum volume and the colorful Tamil songs is an inevitable part of journey in Tamilnadu, and I am used to this, though I used to feel frustrated in the beginning.
I reached Vattamalai early morning by around 6 am. I could feel the fresh air and cool breeze. On the way to my friend’s room, I could see big bundles of thread, which they had dyed and put for drying..., in long sticks. There were hundreds of them. I always used to think why they don’t use any bright colors. This time its dull green threads on one side and the dull blue threads on the other side. This is not the first time I see this. Still every time I reached Vattamali, I saw something new.
I am always amazed by their hospitality towards the guests. I doubt whether I will take the same pain, if somebody else comes to me. The house owner is a good lady. She took care of the girls (my friends Selvi and Anitha).. She brought them milk, so that they can study well. (this is not included in the rent.. and its free.. daily two glasses of milk for girls to study Cool right!!J ) That was just a way she showed her affection towards them. She enquired everything and made sure they are safe. The same enquiry was there towards me also. I don’t feel open to strangers... and I used to get annoyed when people ask personal questions.. but now I consider it merely as their curiosity.
My work was done, faster than I expected. (dunno’ if its bcoz of the Lucky sari I was wearing yesterday). Evening I spent some time in VATTAMALAI... which is a small hill. Sitting there at the top of the hill, I felt so peaceful. I rarely get time to sit idle or look back at myself, if I am in Bangalore. Sitting there I could see, the whole village. All were busy returning home after their work. Mostly they were farmers. The only vehicle I saw was bicycle. Some had bullock cart. In the one and a half hour I sat there I couldn’t see any car or jeep. I could see children playing, wandering, fighting and making up again. I could see couples (it has to be husband and wife) happily returning home in cycle. The flowers in their head, which they had kept in the morning, all dried up. They looked tired and sun tanned. But still they were happy. They lived as if there is no tomorrow. I could see some thaathaas and paattis, talking under the big banyan tree. I wonder what they would talk daily, and don’t they go get vishayadhaaridhram, something I face very often. Air temperatures well above normal but there was an awesome ambience As night got darker, all I could see was the stars. I lay there. It was more beautiful than the sky I saw in Bangalore planetarium. Some stars were brighter than others. I could see three stars, winking at me. It might be the people who left me.. my mind was crazy. As it got darker we started back to room.
The best part of going to Vattamalai is the night eat-out. We eat kothu-porotta or Muttai-dosa (which I find only in Tamilnadu Thattu-Kadai’s). I had to leave by night. I remembered the big banyan tree in the bus stop which Propelled sunward. It covered large areas of the intervening surface below with an umbrella of shadow which was there in the bus stop. This time it’s been cut from the base as a part of Government plan, to make the already rubberized, straight and wide road still bigger. (I was thinking of my home-town in Kerala, which has many educated people, more shops and few hotels. Everything was good except the road. The houses are constructed in the road. Its many years since any patch work is done in that road. Our roads were more of gutters and less of tarred road... and yet, making the road a better doesn't exactly seem to be on the agenda of the Government or the concerned).
So, now I'm standing near a cut banyan tree, bags clutched in hand. Standing there waiting for the bus, reminded me of a Malayalam movie, where Mohanlal is given sent off by the whole village. There stood with me my friends, selvi and anitha, the house owner aunty (her youngest son Dinesh. he was too innocent and small for an 8th grader. He took the responsibility of taking my luggage which was a medium sized bag, in his superman cycle as he called it. The cycle wasn’t a small one which a boy of his age can ride. I doubt once upon a time it might have been used by his father. He had to stand and ride, as his legs won’t reach the pedal) and her friend (suguna). On the way to bus top I was offered a chips packet (locally tapioca chips- which tasted superb except for the excess red color they added while frying) by the thaatha...from whom I used to buy things every time. He tells me the same story of his disturbed sleeps at night and his leg pain. He dint expect an answer, or a remedy. All he wanted was a listening ear. I started late (around 9.30 pm) as I dint want to reach Bangalore too early. As it was a small village, everybody knew each other. Some busses didn’t stop there. One anna with a byke (I think bike is something rare in vattamali.) stopped to help us. Slowly I cud see around ten people, all were selvis’s or House owner aunty's friends or neighbors. By 9.45 pm, when I got the bus, more than a dozen people were there to bid me good bye... some of them I never met (I may not meet then again either), some faces which I had seen and forgotten. As the bus started, all of them waved at me. I know that there is something missing always, something we lost in civilization's social bargain, something we instinctively long for. I was touched by them; by the amazing humbling overwhelming love (which doesn’t expect anything in return) they showed.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

From a beginner..

May be this is going to be one of my worst writings.. not only because, it doesn’t have any point to articulate, but its going to be utter nonsense.. Its not that I want to write nonsense, but I want to see how my first writing appears in my Blog.. I try to employ the latest ideas, my imagination and make my Blog a colorful and interesting one… one which my family and friends will look forward to see everyday. I know I can’t be a master in a day. It happens eventually… I mean to say very slowly.

It takes ages for me to change... and I can say I haven't changed much in the past ten years emotionally (may be you can leave the last 2-3 years… coz that’s the time when the major things in life happened.. and I have matured myself a bit more than before).. But otherwise if u see... I have evolved slowly into a social human being, which accommodates the modern techniques of today’s civilized world. Or I can say I am left as a evolutionary handicap... I learned many things... but I didn’t master anything. Computer is just one thing.. I never saw a computer until completed my pre-degree. Computer was something beyond my imagination. It was then I was re-planted to Chennai for my college education –the first Big City I saw. I still remember the big Buildings, Roads trafficked by cars (all colors and all types. That time I categorized Vehicles as cars, bus, jeep etc as I dint know the names of the cars. The only cars I knew by name were may be Ambassodor and Maruti… the Beatiful cars where my uncles and aunts used for marriage. ), I felt it was a dream. Forget all these.. what astonished me was the Esculator ( it took ages for me to remember the word E-S-C-U-L-A-T-O-R) which I saw in Spenser Plaza. I couldn’t believe my eyes.. when I saw a staircase which moves on its own. And I was scared to death just to try that. I still do not remember how many times I went in the escalator up and down.. once my fear was subsided.
..Where am I leading my writing to.. come back. Though I write nonsense its should be sensibly nonsense. So I wont deviate from the topic. I was telling you about computer,… ya.. that’s what I was saying.. the first time I saw a computer near is my aunts computer in her Chennai home. I was fascinated by the colorful fishes which I could see on the computer monitor ( MONITOR-a term I learned much later) which disappeared whenever my aunt touched the computer. ( it took years for me to understand what I saw was a screen saver). I didn’t dare to touch it because I had a bad history of spoiling things. May it was then I developed an insatiable appetite to know more about these things. Once I left to my hostel, computer was something I could get “darshanam” only one in two-three months… that’s when I go to my aunt’s house. It was years later that I got to work on a computerize when I was doing my post graduation, I got a simple computer book for starters in Malayalam… one of my friend gave to me.. I don’t remember whether I paid for that.. but that book was priceless. I still have it with me.. the starting was with paint.. then I tried word, excel, PowerPoint etc. by the time I completed my first year in PG I became almost a master in MS office… because we had to give presentations every now and then. We had to prepare reports, projects etc.
In all social circles, we are under enormous pressure to conform to the 'norms' of many different peer groups: if you don't, you risk being teased and gossiped. I cant say its really a pressure for me, but I like exploring.. Computer became a passion for me. Owning a computer, which can think faster than a human brain has been a fascination when I saw it first. As I said I evolved... and now fascination is a necessity. I feel a major part of me is missing when I don’t have my laptop with me.
So this is just another beginning.. a beginning of a blog. I haven’t explored much about it but I want to have one. So let’s see how this progress to be...
I doubt many haven’t gone through my entire writing…if you have, then well I agree you got either lot of patience or you are somebody whom I know well. Anyway thanks for the patience. I want to try my hand in Malayalam blogging too.. because as I Said I can write in English (to some extent) but I think in Malayalam. Your suggestions are welcome.. that’s how I can improve.