Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding and the suffer"Ring"

Marriage is bliss!! or that is what people say. I don't object it. I don't support it either. All marriages are happy - it's the living together afterward that causes all the problems.(wink wink). Marriage can be a hell unless you give yourself into it. I am talking about our pakka mallu marriages where a girl is married into the boys family and leaves her family behind to start a new life and these marriages are made on basis of 101 almost impossible demands and we exclaim.. Aah! marriages are made in heaven (that explains the thunder and lightening). Its usually promises that are exchanged in marriage, but somewhere there is a bonus package of "expectations" between not just the bride and groom but both families as well.

Few things that are unsaid in usual marriage proposals.. am just adding the points:

Expectations from the boy:

* should be a great cook from day one (because we are dismissing our maid)
* should take care of all my family members needs. (your brother or sister in laws will be elder than you, but they are still small children to us)
* forget you have/had a family because I already forgot that.
*Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence. (A life sentence!)

Few things from a brides mind:

* should be a great cook (because I do not know cooking and I don't have any intention to learn)
* I am tired from the time I am born, which means I will take a lot of nap and shopping to re-energise me. Don't make me change ( and I will not)
* My parents treat me like a princess, and That's the way I expect there as well
* Yes, I am getting married to your family, but I haven't accepted that. so My family continues to be my family.


"Marriage is bliss. Ignorance is bliss. Therefore ...."

Let me not sound very sarcastic when all I was trying is to see the comical side of unrealistic expectations and believe me, If you are stuck up in such a situation, Do not worry. Give the chilly new relationship more time to thaw.

(PS: I did not intent to write about anyone, living or dead, and if you feel it resembles you, its just mere coincidence. and for my survival I am saying "My husband did not expect those from me.. and I dint expect from him. Both of us know that we are not complete without marriage and once w did it TADA we are finished ha ha)