Friday, March 27, 2009

Odd Man Out

I swim into the water, gazing up at the sky. I thought that’s where I belong. There were too fishes... bright and dull, big and small. The tail flicking fishes send drops sparkling. There were far too many that there was no room left for me. I knew I do not belong there.

I fly into the vast flawless blue sky. I felt weightless and as soft as a feather. I thought sky is where I belong. Slowly my feathers started burning because the sun was too hot and bright. My eyes started burning. I knew I do not belong there either.

I felt the cool breeze of the earth, the green trees that whisper the lover’s tune. There were many trees that spanned several colours from autumn’s palette and innumerable flowers, but the silence was so strong that it froze my soul. I knew I don’t belong here either.

I do not belong to the sea
I do not belong to the sky
I do not belong to the land.
Then where do I belong..
NOWHERE... That’s where I belong