Friday, March 23, 2007

Safety Precautions

Today I attended a 2 hour seminar on safety precautions. It was meant for the scientists in biology department. It was useful (in one way) and funny (in other way), that I wanted to laugh my heart out during the presentation. but you re not supposed to.. (Or you have to deal with unattended KRA's, low Appraisal, increased HR scrutiny, office rumors, potential career damage.. my God!! Better I won't laugh). You might think why it's funny. From the beginning of the presentation, there was a gap b/w what the presenter said relevant to what we did. He was half way through the power point, when an Hr representative conveyed him that the existing team is biologists and the supposed chemists are attending the seminar in the after noon session. He was using the wrong presentation PowerPoint. (I agree he got good patience).. he started with the new presentation. Lack of proper planning or communication gap!!
It started from the first Aid kit contents (listen admin!!) , the emergency exit ( how to use it efficiently, where to be places, how to be labeled?), spacious and well planned work areas (if not how to re-arrange it), how to control electrical shocks, assuring earthing in the facility design etc etc.. Why the hell do they say that to Us. Management or the admin people, who can assure these things, are not there. It's a NO-SEnioR seminar.
Of course. He had some useful points for the scientists as well. (like bios-safety cabinets, what to be done in case of spillage or burn). It's going to be useful, not for those who attended it, but for those who understood it. My office management is so funny at times!! Damn funny!! God!! I want to be my own Boss.
He told one more story of an accident somewhere because of something (Bad memory) Out of 300 people, around 244 assembled in safety assemble area, following the safety precautions. Other 66 people didn't wait to follow the safety rules, they jumped out of the windows and they were the one who are still alive, though with broken legs and jaws. The other born followers--266 died. What's the moral of the story? Is it that you should not follow the safety rules (then what's the use of this presentation) or that I should protect myself? I take it as the second point.
I felt the seminar complete when I filled, in the training feed back form
Q: Two things I liked overall. Ans: Tea and Biscuit served during the presentation.


suresh said...

jubilent is a growing organisation.i wish the management also sees this

biju said...

nice work. i showed to all my friends in my institution. all appreciated.

Tasha said...

Great work.