Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rocky in Action...

It’s after a long time that I met my aunt. A lot of changes I could see over the time. I was stepping inside with my usual baggage which follows me like the hutch dog. Where ever I go the small black bag pack which can hold my essentials follows..
The warm friendly welcome from my aunty was followed by a sudden change in expression which I couldn’t read ..

She screamed: “climb on the table:”
She was always a funny person, who liked playing with people and making fun of them, for their entire life. I dint want to be one.
Me: standing , trying to act cool, but still confused over the unexpected change in her behavior.
Aunt: “I say climb on the table. Climb .. faaaast..”
Me: what in the world is she trying to do with me. Still trying to act cool
Aunt: “edee, Beenakuttee. Rocky varunnundu. Aa meshel keran” (climb on the table before Rocky is here”)
Me: what a wonderful welcome!!
Wondering who rocky is. My aunt is a person who hided her pregnancy for whole 9 months and gave us a shock of life with his newly born baby Kannan years back. Is rocky another surprise?
Before I could think more.. I could see a dog coming running towards me, through the side verandah. And there he was , Kannan behind him.
Kannan: “B. chechi, Climb on the table”. This time it was more clear about who rocky is, and the reason why aunt was telling to jump on the big table.
I threw my ever-following bag pack (I was good in throw ball in school u see), and there I was on top of the table (good in high jump too) calling all Gods, and scary fierce looking rocky running around my table as if he lost sense.
It took sometime to make Rocky calm down.

I love dogs, ut not this one. He is good with them… pla
ys with Kannan. wags the tail and screws up her (I think it’s a SHE.. or may be it’s a HE) face and all I did was take few snaps of Rocky.. funny yet Scary.
Rocky is funny to watch.. just watch

*all that happened was Kannan opened Rockys cage to play with him, and I entered the house without his permission which made him go wild.


Nepali Akash said...

saw ur flickr. nice pics. but wheres UR pic? wink wink!!!

gunj said...

i think its a he...too scary to b a she! :P

Nirmal's Blog said...

ha ha felt like my sister wrote this one...
she too is scared of dogs..

Somya said...

lol..nice pics...I was as scared of dogs as u r earlier but thanks to my colleagues cum friends who are bigtime dog lovers, I have come to like dogs nomatter what size or how ferocious they look and in anycase I am sure they can't be worse than a few people I have met in my

Ever Hopeful said...


I ma dog lover and yes Rocky is very photogenic

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Anonymous said...

my roomie is soo afraid of the three dogs our pg family has got... maybe he is taking time to adjust to u... did his agressiveness die out after some time or he/she was still not hapy with u??

J said...

Nice set of pics.. and dogs.. aren't a beauty or what.

Solitaire said...


Anonymous said...

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Beena said...

thanX n Akash
Gunj: then may be its a HE. have to confirm
nirmal: hope she doesnt have to meet a rocky in her life
somya: ur colleagues are really great. and u r right. some ppl are worse than rocky :)
everhopeful: u seen to be a dog lover!! how many dogs yo have at home? TWO??
ADC: Thanks
Samby: i had to leave adn comeback to my home next day. so whether Rocky liked me or not is not imp. i am glad i came back fast
J: dogs are a beauty. and thats Y i have Rockys photos here.
Solitaire: thanks
Barb M: will chek out how to make money. i am bankrupt :)

Niyara - Asian Rocxs said...

lol @ you trying to act cool - all "what is she trying to do to me"!!

badri said...

nice pics and intresting blog

BIG Omi said...

Such a pretty devil he is..

And what the f...? They keep him in a cage.. arrggghh..

Anyways it was a nice post..

Tc ,

Beena said...

thanx Niyara, badri and bg Omi

$mit@ said...

hey beena! dude the cage has to GO!! n by the way I think that dog has some serious potential for racquet sports! ;-)


Shiby said...

Kannan? Who is that?

Beena said...

smitha : u r rite
SHIBY: kannan.. kunjeppu chettante 3-aamathe molude 2-aamathe kochu.. got it? illel kadaplakel family tree onnu nokiyal mathi

rocksea said...

oh i miss my dog.. mickey :)

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Anonymous said...

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