Friday, March 27, 2009

Odd Man Out

I swim into the water, gazing up at the sky. I thought that’s where I belong. There were too fishes... bright and dull, big and small. The tail flicking fishes send drops sparkling. There were far too many that there was no room left for me. I knew I do not belong there.

I fly into the vast flawless blue sky. I felt weightless and as soft as a feather. I thought sky is where I belong. Slowly my feathers started burning because the sun was too hot and bright. My eyes started burning. I knew I do not belong there either.

I felt the cool breeze of the earth, the green trees that whisper the lover’s tune. There were many trees that spanned several colours from autumn’s palette and innumerable flowers, but the silence was so strong that it froze my soul. I knew I don’t belong here either.

I do not belong to the sea
I do not belong to the sky
I do not belong to the land.
Then where do I belong..
NOWHERE... That’s where I belong


biju achacha.... said...

I was there in deep water.....
Waiting for you in front of your room....
With a bouquet in my hand...
Planning to play the wonderful game

I was there in bluish sky...
With a two ton A/C for you..
And a branded sunglass too..

I was there under the tree..
Waiting for my little sister..
Singing my favorite song...
American waava thuncha..
Samsa dala lan neegro..

Why you didn’t come to me?
Then I realized my little girl..
Wandering with a sleepy eye...
Wake up baby open your eye..
I am there in all those place
Waiting for you...
With a bouquet in my hand...

Biju achacha.. said...

NB: my favorite song i mentioned is the song I used to sing in school bus when i was in pre-school.still i dont kniow the correct lyrics.

Vineeth said...


Beena said...

Entappo enne kollu!!
I do not know if its the humour sense, or is it the Poem and its Lyrics, or Is that your LOVE in each line that I liked in that.
I feel so t-o-u-c-h-e-d!!

I got “kuths” and “kadumkuths” in Water
I had “parippu” and Pachor along with Seeta
Seeta whose fathers name was “VAANK”
Oh!! I got “kuths” and “kadumkuths” in water

I got “A/C”s and Sunglasses in the Sky
I had A/c’s that chilled me that I got Frozen
Sunglass when worn, people thought of me as “BLIND”
Oh!!! I got “A/C”s and Sunglasses in the Sky

I got a new song to hum all year around
I had the guts to sing”DID-DID-DA-DID-DA-DA”
The songs that my achacha taught, everyone called me “CRAZY”
Oh!! I got a new song to hum all year around

Through the Vaank, I see TUBELIGHT
Though I am Blind, I see you ACHACHA
In my Crazy world, I feel the LOVE
Oh!! Its all about YOU

Try joining the last Stanzas words in CAPITAL letters
Oh!! Yes I love my Tubelight Achacha

Beena said...

Vineeth, njan vikaravathiyaayi vedanayde allenkil vishamathode allenkil sankadathode ezhuthiya blog inu Falithaparamaayi allenkil thamashapoorvam allenkil chiri unarthum vidam comment ezhuthi enne tholppichallo nammade Achacha