Friday, April 20, 2007

Just another day.. my birthday..

I sit on my old chair in my room. I could see the drizzling of the rain. ( I love rain, My shadowy soulmate) I had a tough day at work, meeting dead lines. Its difficult to think its my birthday. I had a wonderful dinner with my sweet little bro in “Swati Restaurent”…his treat for me.
I had a silent birthday, with out the hush and bush of ordinary birthdays unlike last year. An hour later, I open my eyes to discover that its pitch dark. I realized how much fun it was as a child... waiting for the birthday to come, to get a new dress, share chocolates, see the birthday cards wide eyed.. but now none of those seems to exite me.. “I am growing old’ I tell it aloud and smile for myself. All that matters are the blessings and thoughts..
I asked myself each year, did I make people I love happy this year?
YES!! I had done what I could do, have helped others in the way I could.
I ask myself did I make myself happy this year?
I myself have failed few times, and some of my wounds are still aching.
There were times when I want to give up the world ‘coz I felt hopeless and lonely
When I stumble over solitude my soul starts searching for solace, that’s when I start writing.. but then, This birthday had surprises for me.. I got calls from my school friends and college friends… whom I thought they don’t exist (I wonder how they remembered it..) and missed many calls I expected. No best friends call.. no best couzins call. I don’t regret. Funny the life seems to be. The best surprise was I was stuck with the phone the whole morning attending calls from my husband family. Its strange that how a call can make u feel special.. may be its that the thoughts count a lot.
I am happy I lived my life fullest this year, and I am kinda scared (and excited) about the year ahead. Let me wait and see what future holds in store for me J
PS: I thank everyone who made me feel special.. I thank my brothers who remembered my birthday and wished me when the clock struck 12.. I thank my Sis In Law, who put the effort to give me the best gift of this year. Thak you Sabu, for your thoughts and love.. and to my Siblings In law( is there a word like that, if not then, well add it in ur dictionary), wait till we meet again. I am going to throw a big party for u all.. cheers to my old friends, who called me wished, rejuvenating the old college memories..


surya said...

birthday,every year it was happening then also you should inform your friends.

Without hope nobody can survive this be hopeful and face the problem and enjoy the life.

I am not understading what is your ache????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Y u carry aorund with an aching heart. share it.. thats what we are for.. ( if yu are willing)