Monday, April 23, 2007

Should I Quit My Job?

Your Job Dissatisfaction Level is 47%

Well, you don't have the worst job in the world, but it's not great.
And don't worry, you're not the problem - your company is.
Start looking around for another job, even if you're not totally fed up.
Because in time, you're going to be dying to quit!


Anonymous said...

c'mon man. if u dont like your job, quit it.

Truman said...

Most people who quit their job don't actually quit their job.

They quit their immediate boss.

Do you think its the same for you? Just thought I'd share this with you, since I have gone through a similar experience.

Oh and by the way, my first time to your blog :-)

Beena said...

Anonymous: that’s what I am going to do

Truman: I don’t quit my boss. He is good. But I think I need a change.. coz Change keeps the man from getting stale

Ken said...


u r lucky that you are not quiting becuase of your boss, I was lucky too. but truman is true, most people quit their bosses.


surya said...

getting a job is very difficult.
Adjusting with supervisors is very important,then you can't quit your job.
more than two years in a company also making some problem so...................