Sunday, July 8, 2007

Defy the Odds

I hate packing bcoz every time I pack, something will be missing, and I will notice that only when I am done with packing. One bag of dress, another of shoes, again another with books and CDs. I was going through the old college books, throwing away lots of paper, when something caught my eyes. Some poems written by my friend Preethy (it should have been written at some class hours probably.. coz that’s when she pondered her mind and at the end of the lecture she used to show me something imaginative and mostly it was poem.) One such poem “DEFY THE ODDS” is lying in my bag. It was written in pencil and almost faded out, but still it was readable. (One of the best poems of home and away, which she wrote for me, is still my favorite. Hopefully I will post it some other time). And here it goes?

Tears of grief spill out
Glances of parting reach out
As your feet carry you away
Carving out a new path

I watch you fade into the night
I feel the pain strike deeply
Your last glance spoke volumes
Spoke for you and for me

The dents your feet left in the snow
Are no longer visible to me
Through a film of tears
I can realize they’ve been erased

Though the years have passed
I still miss your presence
Waiting for you to return
And fill the void in my life

In my heart of hearts, I know
Your coming back is a fantasy
Yet will you defy all the odds
And come back to me?

This is kind of encouragement for her. Because she has started a blog but never posted anything. To break the ice let this be the beginning, Preeths.


Supernova said...

Superb poem:) I think im goin to be hooked to her blog provided she starts posting.

Adi Crazy said...

Jey Beena!
Packing, ah! I can never never NEVER pack and I also can never let anyone else pack for me. So invariably I have to make do with whatever funny packing style I follow. :P
The poem touched my heart. The post must be an amazing writer. Keep Posting! :)

PS: You have a new soul haunting ur blog now.

hope and love said...

beautiful poem..
regarding packing i can understand very well what u mean

Ken said...


I never understood poetries, the most simple ones barely made sence to me. As it goes with this one, but I liked the picture on the post of that paper. :)

Wish you luck with journey, I assume you are traveling as you mentioned about packing.


preethy said...

oh maaaannnn...i totally forgot about the poems. i cant believe i wrote it!!!i wish i could recreate the magic i said..too busy to sit and contemplate.but i will try...for u.

Beena said...

Supernova: hope she will start one.. even i am waiting for that

A crazy: she ia an amzhing wirter and a wonder full human being

Doc: ya .. packing is gectic adn i will alsways miss something. might be same with u too

Ken: after a long time.
when will u leave that Orkut POst :)
ya.. u said it. getting ready for a travelling.. and zoooOOm.. i am gone

Preethy: do u think i wrote that poem (wish i could write like that though)..
dont write for me (though i am waiting for u to start).. write for yourslef.. write for all the bloggers who will njoy readings your poats bcoz u can play magic with your words. and believe me u will njoy blogging if u can continue for soem 5 posts :)

Anonymous said...

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