Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I resigned... and I am my own Boss!!

My job as a Scientist in Jubilant Biosys has come to an end. However, you don’t just leave the team with a handshake and a wave. I got to share my views, my opinions. (after all no more appraisals for me he he). I have mixed feelings (like an avial*) when I think I am leaving my job.. My First job. It’s a surprise to know that I sticked to the same job more than three years. I think this is too much and I need to move on. The best word that describes me is “free spirit”, but I WAS caged by my own fears, fear of losing... fear of staying unemployed... fear what if my dreams doesn’t come true. Its time to go out of my cocoon... and to try experimenting my dreams and to live my life for what I am. I have had many funny, sad, strange, and crazy experiences in this three year life.
If you are working in Jubilant, continue reading only if you can bear the kadva truths along with the meetta facts, at your own risk. It might hurt you, it might make you happy.
More than three years back, when I got this job all I had in my mind was earning for my daily bread. I am not sure whether I did my interview well, but I convinced Parthi sir, that with time I can handle any tough situation (I promised myself to do my best if I am selected). My work was my God. Working 24/7 in 2004 never mattered coz that was the best team I could get. It was like an extension of my college life. Parthi sir, who selected me left the company (he was a very sweet person I should say), along with several others. Company started focusing on Drug Discovery (more dollars). They gave the worst and silliest excuses and terminated employees in masses. That silly were the reasons and rules they had. Indiscipline (even my convent school never had this strict rules), talking in the work place, not reaching the KRA (dunno when they had a real defined KRA), mobile phones were banned, internet banned, walking banned, eating banned... wait for some more time they will ban breathing in the work place. :)

I should say I was very lucky, to be selected to drug discovery team. My Boss, Dr. Raghib Hussain was the best boss, if I could vote for him. (May be he didn’t start learning the Jubilant Culture. I wish he stayed the same way).

It's all come to an end now and I have no regrets whatsoever. It's a time of my life that I will never forget. I will always think of it as the first company that gave me a job and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to start my work. (Of course, nothing comes all time good. People were there busy doing back stabling, back bitching, but that was their problem and I was not bothered about the ill-fitting people, who were there to fill the voids). But if I look back, I am happy and content.

So I just want to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to everyone who worked with me, who made me feel welcome during my time with them. In particular: Parthi Sir, the brilliant, Teena, Sudip Sahu, Dr. Selva, Vanitha (the one who was always there to help me), Dilawer, Manjunath, Sivaram, Pratima (the sweetest of all), Jaceena, Arunadevi, Gens, Bineesh Tamilkutty (all time favorite), Venkit ( the calmest), Suresh ponnaya,...(Just my team mates) my God its going to be a big list... far innumerable to mention all names here.

I remember the lunches we had, cracking jokes (best time in office), trying to learn each other’s languages, sharing the food. Thank you Suji, Pratima and Hema. (pratima, will try out ur moms recipes for sure).

For all my friends, I recruited-I am happy for those who are settled in life with a good job, but to those who are still in process, I regret what happened and call me if there is something I can do for you.
To all of those who helped me-You are the people who kept me going and make my job worth it. I’ll genuinely miss you all but I need to move on.
For every mean person out there (very few, but worth many)- Thank you for teaching me that world is not just a bed of roses. Continue doing all the mean stuff u used to do. Never change, never learn from your mistakes. (and you never will).

For the management- If anybody comes across my blog. A humble request!! Value others time. U might invest lakshs in DISHA (to get funny results), invest crores in Six Sigma but Nothing can make a change unless u change yourself. In this three years experience, I have attended more than 100 meetings, that’s for sure. And the there was only one meeting that was held on time ( and that was Dr. Veena Agarwal’s. keep up this good habit Dr. Veena). The higher the authority, the more late he/she will be. (y don’t you calculate the FDA, the loss, when so many scientists wait for you, doing nothing).

If I were asked what I would change about my experience in Jubilant Biosys, my answer would be, "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING." Thanks for everything!

Avial*: a Kerala dish, blend of all assorted vegetables cooked in a paste of grated coconut.


Vikram said...

Hi Beena, this was an amazing post. Some of the best posts are the simplest, most honest ones. I loved your "for the management" section. I wish others would write it, and that someone would read this stuff and change themselves. Indian work conditions are sometimes so damn feudal.

Glad you're writing.

Anonymous said...

by a Jubilant employee

darshana said...

hi beena,,,,,really like the frankness n they way things r written.

Salik said...

Happy to read that you're trying to at least be free from the 'cage' of your own fears. The journey continues from one place to another- keep moving you might come across something new and exciting on the way.
Found your blog by chance- but seems worth return visits.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
For a normal reader (a non Jubilant guy), this is a great thing ie a great piece of art. i belive that, 'after reading this blog, you will be in another mood... (how to describe that mood.. hmmmm... something similar to the mood you wil be in after watching an english Action movie)'.

But for a jubilant guy... its a BIG truth... (face of truth is always vulgar and no one wants to see it).i knw a jubilant guy will read the whole blog in one breath.... but never discuss this topic with their colauges (if he s a person who have POWER to take action to awoid the these mistakes).

In big conpanies (we can include our jubilant also in this list, bcz it bce a big company in 2.. 3.. years) these problems occurs and keep on occuring... bcz even though the higher officals are willing to take action against cases like this, its quiet had for them to know such problem.
If u r an offical ( who feels i m one amoung the higher officals in Jubilant) this s a good opportunity for u. "CHARGE YOURSELF FULLY... THEN EXPLODE..."

One morething to say.... when u take any action against all these problems, PLEASE remember the BRAVE girl who told all these thing To THE WORLD....

my best wishes to You.....

.....an employee of jubilant

Beena said...

getting more anonymous mesaages..
do i know you anonymous 1 and 2. just asking out of curiosity..
Y dont u say who u r ( i know u r still in JB or else u would have written in ur name) in my perosnal mail.
The truth is i dont have anything against Jubilant or its management. i wrote wat i felt.. good n bad.dont take it against Jubilant ( but i really wish the mangement to be better in future)

Anonymous said...

we will all miss you Beena..

Anonymous said...

why did not you mention about the stinking HR department?
i have seen you many times, but i came across your blog now.
very good beena.
keep writing

Anonymous said...

wish you all the best, in all your endaevours.
a friend of yours

preethy said...

hey! u lose some, u gain some. that's the way of life.
all the best for ur next job. hopefully in the US?

basanta said...

It was a nice read! Thank you.

Ken said...


Good one. It reminded me of time when I left my first job. I worked for long four years. I also had bitter-sweet memories, but fortunately it was more sweet then bitter unlike you.

I was surprised to see that most of your colleages have avoided to reveal their identity while commenting. But I think it is okay, as they are still working with same company.

You have not mentioned anything about your future plans. Are you planning to search new job or looking for self-employed opportunities. Anyway, wish you luck for all the future endeavors.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi beena...
Just gone through ur blog..its quite amzing to hear the truth of Big company.....yeah...i m a student and abt to begain my carrier soon....shortly i met Raghib sir, nadhagopal sir and Jothi devakumar sir....for the project work...but i dint get it there...i will again try for the job...my field is bioinformatics so will u tell me wat all things are these people seeking in a fresher..so that i can mold my skills in much more better way....
It will be honour for me if u reply me soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Beena,
Nice to see your blog. I'm planning to apply for a job at Jubilant Biosys in Toxicology Department. What is your suggestion?
Not interested to reveal myself in the blog but would love to do so in the private email. Please let me know your email ID

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