Monday, June 11, 2007

A Whisper from the Past

Yesterday I met my time twin.. After 12 looong years. We first met in school, and we were almost lost before we found ourselves in Orkut few months back. As I am leaving Bangalore in no time, we thought of catching up. I thought I will pen down my thoughts. A lot of it will only make sense to someone of my age, who have a similar experience, so I apologize to anyone who is still not my age and doesn't have the slightest inkling of what I am talking about.

Well! Who wouldn't be nostalgic when they see their friends whom they forgot they existed or not.. So here I go. Let me take you back in time! We were young kids, 13 years old or so when we met. The main fact that we noticed is we shared the same date of birth and year... though I don’t not know about the time (should be mid night 12 o clock :)). That was a time where my (may be everybody of my age) main interest was making friendship, having fun, clear through the exam.. not a thing to worry. Our friends who turned the sleepy class into a room full of life. Though we were not the very best friends, but we shared some common interests, and had a special feeling for each other. He was a calm, well behaved , well brought up boy (this is the testimony I wrote for him in Orkut :)).

Well, I must admit that I had no clue how wonderful an experience it would turn out to meet my twin again. I loved the tension, Waiting for him, who arrived on time. Once again we were taken back to the school days, recollecting our old friends, their where-abouts.. I read somewhere, time twins will have many things in common.. and amazingly I realized it yesterday. He shared my same interests... artistically talented :) we were ( u agree or not).
Yesterday was an extraordinary day where our friendship was celebrated, and some great memories immortalized. I realized some of the friends aren't just old friends anymore, but an extended family.
May be another 12 years we will meet again, and let the future unfold the co-incidences and characters we still share, coz I read somewhere, time twins will have many things in common?

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PS: couldn’t find a good title for this post. Can somebody help me.. Person who suggests the best will get a dairy milk as a prize. How about that deal!!


preethy said...

no ways. u gotta give something better than that.
hmmm.. how about "a life long forgotten".

Prajwol said...

Title Should be: "Naa Tum Jano Naa Mein" :)

I hope I dont win :)...or else postind Dairy Milk will be expensive than Dairy Milk itself :)

darshana said...

i would love to receive chocolates irrespective of winning,,,,,,its participation thats imp u c :)

And i can keep giving options for a chocolate each,,,,
how about
Growing from old roots.......


Ken said...


I do not why you thought that other will not understant your feelings.

Friends and friendships are ageless and timeless. At every age we make friends in life. An almost everytime reason why we pick and choose them are more or less same.

I know how it feels to meet someone was good friend and lost in time. But I think real friends are those who are not lost with change of address book.

"time twin; lost in time" how is this title? Let me know if I derseve the dairy milk?


Vineeth Peter said...

hi dear....

As of my belief a "title" is something which gives the reader 'A First Inpression' about the content... that means a meaningful title(ie a gr8 title) wil give a gr8 impression on it...

...... but u should not forget that the title wil say somthing abt ur intention in writing it... what i mean is if ur intention is that "ALL SHOULD READ THIS BLOG", then the title i suggest is....
"Read it; WIN a DiaryMilk"
.... if u dont have such an intention, go for other titles...

i forgot to tell the main thing....
(ie my intention... by writing this commment). that s "i declare my candidature for this contest by suggesting some titles..."

1, "Another DIARYmilk story..."
[significance of this title: the author have a very close relation with 'DiaryMilks'.... the term 'DiaryMilk' comes to her life too often (pls note that only that term comes to picture, never the actual diarymilk)....

r u really confused?if yes read the NOTICE at the end of my comment...

NOTICE: I knw the auther personally... she used to offer DiaryMilks to all (her intention in that is a good one; to encourage others in doing things...) But the nost important thing is till nw in my life i didnt hear that the author had given that diarymilk to any one....

my words to the author: eventhough u forget to give this diarymilk, pls dont forget "MY 5 CHICKEN BIRIYANIS", which u have to give me.

Nepali Akash said...

"The Twin-some Blues"

How 'bout that?

manoj said...

The blog I've to admit really stirs up memories from the past. How about a title like A whisper from the past.

Don't know if it's worth a dairy milk chocolate bar. Well if it is, naturally I would ask for one more.

Beena said...

"a life long forgotten"
"Naa Tum Jano Naa Mein" :) (is the smiley also part of the title Jk)
"Growing from old roots..." ( i hav cut few dots :) after the roots)
"time twin; lost in time"
"Read it; WIN a DiaryMilk"
"Another DIARYmilk story..."
(both these titles are part of leg pulling by my kid bro)
"The Twin-some Blues"
"A whisper from the past"

all good ones.. that i am confused to select the winner. lets do one thing..lets wait till tomorrow, when I can announce the winner. bcoz i am confused.. one thing for sure.. two titles are not going to win the Dairy milk.."Read it; WIN a DiaryMilk"
"Another DIARYmilk story..." BCOZ its not a dairy milk story though ur guessed my intension. better luck next time saayippe..
so tomorrow be ready with ur adress, bcoz U MAY BE THE WINNER!!

thanQ friends for giving ur suggestion

Beena said...

It was difficult to judge, but I was thinking about it.. and I had to go for only one title.. better than the best..

Preethy: thanks for the title

Prajol: don’t worry about the expense of posting diary milk. U r NOT selected for the mouth watering diary milk

Darshana: sure, participation is important and u were almost near the diary milk… but then somehow somebody snatched

Ken: u r right. Real friends are not lost in time. But sometimes they might be in their own world for sometime kinda’ dormancy stage, but the memories and fship will be evergreen in their mind. Of course, the title u suggested suited my post.. but I had to go for another one.

Vineeth: to be frank, I dint have any confusion when i saw ur title. The title you suggested is the BEST , but from the last. (biriyani njan thannirikkum.. kokkinu jeevanundel..)

Nepali Akash: wow!! Good one.. but another suggestion took and extra wow!! :)

Manoj: somehow your title seemed to suit the post better than the rest. So y don’t u introduse urself (if u r willing) and send me your address so that I can send you the Diary milk, before I eat it.

So friends, lets go for "A whisper from the Past" as the title for the titleless post.
Love u all,

Nepali Akash said...

OK ur verdict accepted but somebody needs a consolation prize yaar, probably a mini Diary Milk bar. Comon Beena u can do it !!!


Vineeth Peter said...


Are you satisfied with the result??? i think you aren't.
Like you im also dissatisfied. so im planing to raise my voice against the panel who selected the winner. lets do it together...

hw we can protest against this inequality?

please post ur sugestions as comment to this blog so that everyone can read it and join us.

...eagerly waiting for reply

darshana said...

hi beena

Good choice
Congrats manoj,u better take your dairy milk soon.

vineeth whatever the reslut i am sure we deserve a dairymilk for encoragement as new and young participants :)

Vineeth Peter said...

hi darshana...
do u knw one thing, the gr8 Author of this blog discarded me and my title only because of the reason -" i wrote some facts against the author".
thats why i m protecting against this corrupted jury who selected the winner.

Beena said...

vineeth: r u trying to make a community against my decision. well.. if u try to harass me, then I have to translate your story (baalante kadha ) from my malayalam blog to english..
di u want to take the risk?

Ken said...

I join the gang of protesters. So far Manoj has not claimed so it seems that it was some insider who posted on behalf of beena, and she saved dailry milk.

smart idea miss. you learnt some good lessons from contest on television.

:) :) :)

Btw, congratulations for getting some good participation, comments and traffic, the trick of dailymilk seems to be working. :) I shall try the same.


Beena said...

Ken, u too with vineeth :(

Its true that Manoj haven’t claimed yet. Lets wait n see for few more days.. whether he comes up or not.(and u r too brilliant to think that I have posted that comment in somebodys name to save a Diary milk .. but unfortunately I am not that Bright) may be next time I can try this idea :)

Ys.. the Diary milk technique worked.. try the same (or better one,.. coz u got the brain )

manoj said...

Well, well, well. Naughty kids... Fighting for my Dairy Milk chocolate... Sorry fellas.. I've got a major weakness and that's chocolates!!!! I'm going to run off with it. Now don't tell this to the fella who actually suggested the title ;)