Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tick Tick Tick...

The constant ticking of my watch... reminding me things I got o do. Things I haven’t done.. reminding me that I am still alive, and I got time…time to live.
Most of the time, we take it for granted, not utilizing it the way it has to be. We do things which is wastage of time, we don’t do things which is again wastage of time...
They say Life and Death are not in anyone's hands. But as long as you are alive, why don’t we be like the watch, utilize the time we got between the birth and death. Be like the watch… never lazy. the seconds keep on ticking to make a minute with 60 ticks. A minutes to hours.. hours to day... and so on.. Pages of life flips... which never comes back…
Be like the watch, which never gives excuses… Live your life... if not for yourself, for others…


preethy said...

u gotta be kidding. i wanna relax and take life as it comes..

Prajwol said...

I wish I was like watch, the one & only thing I then have to worry is how long my battery will last :D

Ken said...


u r were alomst there. it is almost a poetry.. few lessons of poerty can make you a poet.

good. one..

prajwol, if u wish u were watch, I wish I was baterry.. powering lives. :)


darshana said...

hey beena

Very well written,i love the way it flows.
And its a wake up call for lazy ppl like me yaar.

Constant ticking,sounds great have you ever wished that the date factor is gone and then you have sets of 24 hrs repeating;would be amazing for a one time experience na......

best wishes

Beena said...

Preethy: Take life as it comes.. that’s a suiting adv. Right? U can relax now.. with appu another junior waiting.. but after that ;) j/k

Prajwol: Need worry about the battery if u get a good branded one… never compromise on the Quality.. ( and u got Ken u power u too..) :) Anyway welcome to my Blog..

Ken: another Discovery. May be I will try my hand in that too, if I get a good teacher on that Few basic lessons. But who will Teach???? (poor soul)

Darshana: Thank you!!
The repetition without Date factor might make u Old.. coz change is what keeps us young and fresh at mind. But it may it would be good to try how it is.. once. (But I don’t want the irritating bossism in my office to be there everyday ;)
Or how about traveling fwd in time? What if we jump to the future and return with a knowledge to change the world… or change our life..or somebody life.. (may be I can tell then whether Darshana will start a blog on her own. Sounds cool right )

darshana said...

hello beena,

With the loss of date factor we will be forever young literally,,just kidding.

Traveling ahead in time,,,,,no no wanna cherish the unknown journey.


...k.....k said...

Keshuvko said:..?
I am a great procratinator. You can be my mentor! :P
So running away. Have got loads of things to accomplishy by today. :D
Vahsek's Ramblings

Lo! Ken, Darshana and Prajwol too are here. You alll belong to a gang? :)
Nice to see you here.

Nepali Akash said...

But Beena don't you think that the watch makes excuses too -for not being able to stop until the battery is down or a part is dead.
The watch takes it for granted that life would never stop. It goes on ticking as if continuity is its life.
The paradox of being like a watch is like going on a merry go round and round yet illustrating each new moment at every single tick. It doesn't have the purpose for itself except for us.Perhaps, the last line that you wrote holds true here- "if not for yourself, then for others…".

Keep it coming

Blue said...

Hi there,
I've come via Nick's "Undiscovered-Bordeaux blog"...
Ive enjoyed reading your posts! The one 'The letter from NRI Mayaylee', made me laugh sooooooooooo much!
Best wishes

Beena said...

Darshana: :)

KK: on ur life’s run (which u hav already started), thought of stopping you for a second to say a ‘Hi” . ok.. continue your journey. :)
Ken, Darshana, Prajwol.. now you too, vahsek.

Nepali Akash: it’s true that the watch keeps on ticking as if continuity is its life. But don’t you think we all think of life and future in positive way. If something bad happens (which is also a part) we will take it, but ppl don’t plan for it. So enjoy and life the life before time slips out of our hands.
U seem to be a good thinker N.Akash.

Blue: thanks for visiting!! But was thinking what u might have guessed for the Malayalam words in that post. Visited ur bog, ur writing is simple and beautiful, and the things u write seems to be kinda’ my interest.